Telefonica merges German fixed and mobile operations

Telefonica merges German operations

Pan-European carrier Telefonica has announced plans to merge its German fixed and mobile operations under the single brand of Telefonica O2 Germany.

The two entities, fixed line operator Telefonica Deutschland and mobile carrier O2, will bundle their business-to-business activities and the operation of their mobile and landline infrastructures to make the most of convergent offers.

Johannes Pruchnow, the present CEO of Telefonica Deutschland, will be the managing director of the new business division, while Andrea Folgueiras, CTO at Telefonica O2 Germany, will take charge of landline operations in addition to her existing responsibilities.

A newly created business division will combine the sales and marketing departments of the business units as well as the landline wholesale business.

Citing the importance of combined landline and mobile offers, particularly for business customers, Jaime Smith Basterra, CEO of Telefonica O2 Germany, said: “The new organisation offers O2 the opportunity of actively pushing ahead with its strategy for integrated telecommunications. This will also be supported by the consolidation of mobile communications and landlines, the two network areas.”

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  1. Ayman Mostafa 22/04/2009 @ 7:50 am

    This is very good from business point of view, but are there any news about the merger’s implications on the staff?

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