WiMAX not dead, says Motorola

WiMAX is not dead, it's just on holiday

There may be some debate about the future of WiMAX in the telecoms market, but Motorola’s still flying the flag for the technology. The US firm said this week that it has shipped its two millionth WiMAX device, just five months after shipping its one millionth.

Moreover, since hitting the two million device shipment milestone in February, Motorola said it has also received a significant order from Mexican service provider Axtel to deliver additional WIMAX CPE units. Axtel now offers a fixed WiMAX service across Mexico, with plans to offer nomadic WiMAX service to its customers in the future.

“At the end of 2009, WiMAX service providers were covering more than 621 million people,” said Ron Resnick, president and chairman of the WiMAX Forum. “Based on that estimate and the traction we’re seeing in the market, the WiMAX Forum now forecasts that by 2011, there will be more than one billion people across the world within WiMAX coverage,” Resnick said.

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