Beceem, M-Skylink unveil USB WiMAX reference design

Beceem, M-Skylink unveil USB WiMAX reference design

WiMAX chipset manufacturer Beceem and software developer M-Skylink have launched a ‘retail ready’ reference design platform for the development of USB-based WiMAX modems.

The platform provides a complete turnkey reference design based on Beceem’s BCSM350 4G-WiMAX chip with a connection manager, device authentication and management software package provided by M-Skylink.

Devices designed using this reference platform will support the WiMAX Forum profile 1.0 specifications, while M-Skylink’s connection manager is based on common API specifications to ensure an open development and interoperability.

“The first wave of 4G-WiMAX devices was purchased by service providers who sold them to their subscribers, but the open channel devices enabled by the Beceem and M-Skylink’s ‘retail-ready’ platform should drive further expansion of the 4G-WiMAX device ecosystem by providing an easy-to-productize platform that allows device innovation at low cost,” said Lars Johnsson, vice president of marketing and business development for Beceem.

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