Telcordia opens OSS platform up to the cloud


Operational Support Systems (OSS) are one of the most complicated and critical functions an operator will deploy, having as it does, a major effect on the company’s agility. On Thursday software vendor Telcordia unveiled an offering which gives integrator partners cloud-based access to its OSS portfolio.

Cloud-based services are making a big impression at present, granting operators greater efficiencies through economies of scale. The Telcordia eLab uses a pay-as-you-go model that avoids the upfront CAPEX and OPEX costs commonly associated with getting teams of developers or end-users up to speed with sophisticated new systems and enables greater flexibility and scalability in deploying resources.

“Telcordia is focused on enabling scale and efficiency. The new eLab gives systems integrators a faster, more scalable and lower-cost way to address market demand for Next Gen OSS, wherever they are in the world,” said David Weatherup, head of education services at Telcordia.

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