Ericsson wins Rogers LTE network deal

Network sharing is increasingly popular

Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications network supplier has won a multi-year deal to supply Canada’s Rogers network with an end-to-end LTE network.

Ericsson said that it will install its multi-standard RBS 6000 radio base stations at all of its LTE sites as well as upgrading and expanding Roger’s existing packet care network into an Evolved Packet Core network, in order to support the new base stations.

The move follows technical trials conducted between the two companies last year.

Angel Ruiz, head of Ericsson North America, said in a statement: “Ericsson’s LTE/EPC network will enable Rogers to deliver unique experiences for people and businesses thereby shaping the networked society.”

Ericsson said it has now signed commercial LTE contracts with six of the seven of the top ranked operators by 2010 global revenue, four of which are in North America.

Rogers is the leading mobile operator in Canada, with 36 per cent of the market according to Informa supplied data.

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