WiMAX gets UK boost

UK WiMAX provider, Urban Wimax, announced a partnership with Nortel on Tuesday to build and trial a user-ready mobile WiMAX service ahead of the UK’s spectrum auction in early 2008.

The collaboration is intended to prove the technical deliverability of 4G mobile WiMAX in mature 3G markets such as Western Europe, the companies said.

Nortel and Urban Wimax believe that 2.5/2.69GHz WiMAX spectrum to be auction by Ofcom provides the UK with a vital, competitive opportunity for 4G roll-out. Essentially, the partnership will be exploring the business case for a national wholesale and retail mobile WIMAX network.

Urban sites owner Macropolitan is already on board. Macropolitan licences access to urban sites for operators to reduce time to market for these WiMAX services.

Sasha Williamson, CEO of Urban Wimax, said: “The potential for 4G using WiMAX connectivity is enormous. If the UK is to remain competitive in the digital economy it must improve broadband connectivity, both in terms of penetration and bandwidth. 4G WiMAX is the most economical way of achieving this,” Williamson said.

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