Taiwan to ban Huawei kit

Far EasTone has called on Swedish vendor Ericsson to provide hardware, software and support services as it rolls out its 3G and LTE multi-access RAN and core network

Taiwan has become the lastest market to voice concerns over the use of network equipment from Chinese vendor Huawei, with the regulator—the National Communications Commission—ruling that core network kit may not be cleared for use by Taiwanese operators because of national security worries. Huawei has met with similar objections recently in India and the US.

The NCC made its announcement last week, according to an article in the Taipei Times, and the ruling will affect a number of local carriers, including Far EasTone, Taiwan Mobile, and Vibo, which have all bought kit from Huawei. The Times said that some of the kit purchased was being held up at customs. The carriers will have to gain approval from the NCC and the Taiwanese Investigation Bureau before the kit can be installed.

While this is not great news for Huawei, the spat may be little more than a spot of flag waving from the Taiwanese authorities. Taiwan’s relationship with China remains a contentious issue, and Huawei may simply be caught in the crossfire of a larger dispute.

Earlier this year Huawei’s most senior US executive wrote an open letter denying any links between the company and the Chinese state security services, after the firm was forced to withdraw from the acquisition of 3Leaf.

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