Ericsson and América Móvil bring 5G and IoT to Brazil

Brazil telecoms antenna

Latin America’s first test systems for 5G networks and IoT are to be installed in Brazil from 2016 in a joint partnership between kit vendor Ericsson and mobile operator América Móvil.

Ericsson, which is already committed to 5G radio research with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), is now extending its work with additional programmes with the University of São Paulo (USP) and University of Campinas (UNICAMP) to be conducted in 2017.

Among the projects planned is a scheme to develop cyber-physical systems with USP and UNICAMP in order to investigate the user of sensors to create autonomous communications systems for the highways authorities. These could automate the dispatch of emergency services, create weather systems that monitor road conditions and create the possibility for self-driving cars, according to Ericsson.

The joint partners are also investigating MiMo (multiple-input multiple-output) with UFC and working on transceiver design with multiple antennas on base stations and user terminals (MiMo) systems for 5G. The aim is to increase the capacity of current wireless communications systems.

Another area of research and development will be in D2D (Intelligent radio resource allocation) with UFC as Ericsson seeks to pioneer research into the control and provision of Quality of Service in 5G systems. The two partners will develop new algorithms and radio resource allocation techniques in a bid to achieve higher bit rates and higher rates of user satisfaction for 5G mobile communications systems.

The research projects at the two universities will primarily be aimed at verticals such as health, education, energy and agriculture – Brazil’s main industries – but other new industry applications could be considered, said Ericsson.

In addition, Ericsson and América Móvil will also create a test system for Internet of Things (IoT), with a focus on low battery consumption applications, such as low power sensors for remote areas.

“Ericsson is partnering with América Móvil for the first 5G test system in Brazil to be ready with complete commercial networks in 2020,” said Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg.

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