Huawei and Telefónica claim first SDN IP+Optical trial in Peru

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Kit vendor Huawei and operator Telefónica have laid claim to the industry’s first ‘SDN IP+Optical’ trial network with real traffic following a migration of commercial user traffic in Peru.

The integration of IP routing and optical is a step towards achieving the full SDN efficiencies and flexibilities over optical networks. This trial is being positioned as a commercial proof of concept of Huawei’s SDN solution in a WAN/Backbone environment.

“SDN is the enabler to reconstruct network architecture in the future,” said Pedro Planas, CTO of Telefónica in Peru,” With SDN, we can quickly develop more innovative services to meet various customer requirements and improve our competitive position in Peru’s telecom market. The successful deployment of the SDN IP+Optical network demonstrates Huawei’s strengths in SDN commercialization. We look forward to further successes in our follow-up cooperation.”

“We are honored to provide Telefonica with our commercial SDN solution to support IP+Optical synergy and network traffic optimization,” said Zha Jun, President of Huawei Fixed Network Product Line. “The long-term partnership between Telefonica and Huawei is helping propel rapid development of the SDN industry. Huawei will continue to improve its innovative SDN solutions, helping Telefonica achieve business success.”

Huawei’s SDN IP+Optical solution uses cross-layer traffic visualization, fast cross-layer connection establishment, service-driven automatic resource coordination, and cross-layer service protection. Telefonica and Huawei will continue to collaborate in testing this technology on a large-scale commercial basis.

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