CMA gives thumbs up for BT’s IP Trade takeover

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has given the green light for BT to take over UC player IP Trade.

IP Trade, a provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions for trading floor environments and command-and-control dispatch centres, falls into the Cloud-of-clouds portfolio strategy as the giant continues its quest to find some fans. BT has stated the acquisition will improve customers’ ability to trade and control from a wider range of devices, including dedicated desktop devices (turrets), software clients and regular office phones.

“Our customers will appreciate the way we will bring together BT’s Cloud-of-clouds portfolio strategy, products and expertise, managed services capability and global reach with IP Trade’s open software platform and range of devices and applications,” BT’s CEO of Global Services, Luis Alvarez said after the initial announcement last month.

“We are fully committed to maintaining and supporting our existing customers through delivery of BT’s own and IP Trade solutions against our product roadmap. This is all about giving customers the best possible choices and flexibility on a global scale.”

Following the initial announcement last month, the CMA waded in, however it has decided not to refer the deal to an in-depth, phase two investigation.

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