Huawei joins forces with Nvidia for server fun


Huawei has started the Friday party early by unveiling the FusionServer G series heterogeneous computing platform. Break out the party hats.

Launched at Huawei Connect 2017, the FusionServer G5500 and G2500 products build out Atlas, Huawei’s intelligent cloud hardware platform, as well as its Boundless Computing strategy. We can basically hear you drooling through the computer screen.

“Today’s enterprise service applications are rapidly evolving, and the types of workloads are also diversifying. These pose tremendous challenges on the efficiency and flexibility of computing platforms. With the G Series heterogeneous computing platform, we can help our customers better meet these challenges,” said Qiu Long, President, IT Server Product Line, Huawei.

“Huawei is happy to join forces with Nvidia for comprehensive, deep collaboration in the AI computing front. We believe that both parties’ innovation power will translate into powerful GPU Accelerated Datacentre platforms to help our customers travel more smoothly and swiftly in the digital transformation journey.”

Huawei claim the G series is engineered with heterogeneous resource pooling capabilities, allowing resources to be intelligently orchestrated based on application workloads. Huawei believe this will enable users to derive higher computing efficiency.

Looking more specifically at the individual products, FusionServer G5500 is a heterogeneous server with a focus on data center deployment, while FusionServer G2500 is a smart video analytics server positioned for application scenarios such as safe city and smart transportation.

We couldn’t imagine a better start to the weekend.

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