Nokia and Qualcomm boast about 5G NR interoperability test

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Nokia and Qualcomm have announced they have successfully completed an interoperability trial in the 3.5Ghz and 28Ghz spectrum compliant with the global 3GPP 5G NR Specification.

The trial made use of a commercially available Nokia AirScale base station and device prototypes from Qualcomm, making use of both traditional spectrum and the much hyped millimetre-wave frequencies, and is claimed to be some of the first steps towards the 5G dream. Consumer-ready 5G smartphones are not available yet, but we suppose it is a good thing to know they will work when they are available.

“The successful completion of an end-to-end interoperable connection based on the global 5G NR standard is a significant step on the path to launching 5G NR commercial networks and devices starting in 2019,” said Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm. “We look forward to further collaboration on standard-compliant field trials with Nokia and global operators on the path to commercialization.”

“These tests by Nokia and Qualcomm are important to the progress of 5G,” said Marc Rouanne, President of Mobile Networks.

“Importantly, they demonstrate how we have quickly applied the 3GPP Release 15 specifications that were set in December, and using our AirScale base station – which has been shipped to more than 100 customers – together with a prototype Qualcomm Technologies UE. Now, we can look forward to commencing standards-based, over-the-air 5G NR trials with operators.”

The tests took place in Nokia’s 5G centre of excellence in Oulu, Finland, and should form the basis of another round of trials to verify 5G NR technology over the next couple of months. While this is another incremental step in the race to 5G, the jostling is starting to get serious. It won’t be too long before 5G services and networks are available in United States, China, Japan and Korea.

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