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Adobe brings Flash to mobile, but not iPhone

Software firm Adobe announced plans for a full fledged Flash player for mobile devices on Monday, although there is still no sign of a break in the deadlock between it and Apple.

Mobile marketing special

How do top-tier international brands use the mobile channel? The people in charge of mobile for auto manufacturer BMW, airline Lufthansa and UK broadcaster the BBC talk to about how they use mobile to benfefit themselves, their partners and their customers.

The sky’s the limit

Convenience, innovation and cost management are the drivers behind the mobile strategy of German airline Lufthansa. The firm’s director of global e-commerce and mobile services, Marcus Casey, shares his views on the importance of mobile in his firm’s strategy.

From public service to mobile service

BBC Worldwide is tasked with generating revenues from the content created by its public service mother company. This year it launched an advertising proposition on its mobile site and mobile marketing looks set to become a key part of its offering.

Nokia confirms acquisition of Dopplr

Finnish handset vendor Nokia on Tuesday confirmed the acquisition of travel-focused social network Dopplr, which is run, incidentally, by ex-Nokia director of design strategy, Marko Ahtisaari.

Driving force

Premium motoring brand BMW was one of the first companies to pull the mobile channel into its marketing mix. Here the firm’s head of digital media, who is personally responsible for many of the firm’s marketing innovations, talks to about why mobile works for BMW and how.

Can mobile banking fulfil its potential?

The use of mobile technology has been heralded as a potential revolution in the retail banking sector, enabling bank customers to manage their financial affairs regardless of their location. However, a decade after the arrival of the first mobile banking services, actual usage remains modest in many countries, and the industry is littered with the debris of discontinued projects.

Google, Apple fall out over iPhone app approval process

The simmering row between Apple and Google over the former’s rejection of an application for the iPhone reached new heights over the weekend as the US regulator gave an insight into the debate behind the scenes.

SpinVox rumoured to be up for sale

UK-based voice to text firm SpinVox has found itself in the spotlight again, amid claims that the business has been secretly put up for sale.

Spotify overwhelmed by mobile demand

The hit music streaming service Spotify has been forced to rein in new subscriptions to its free service after being overwhelmed with demand following the launch of its mobile applications earlier this month.

Major changes are expected in the role of network APIs

The continued decline of voice revenues is pushing mobile operators to turn to data services for new revenue opportunities, but traffic growth has outpaced revenues and networks are currently in a need of new revenue streams to support infrastructure upgrades.

Network APIs moment of truth: Are there revenue opportunities?

Open network APIs are arguably the most publicized alternative business model to the traditional voice, SMS and data operator offering. Network APIs are enablers for a variety of business models, including operator branded application stores, two sided business models, web mashups and developer communities.

eBay offloads Skype for a surprising $2bn

Online auction house eBay must have been pleased as punch on Tuesday after agreeing to offload the majority of its ill fitting internet telephony outfit Skype for close to $2bn.

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