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Network APIs moment of truth: Are there revenue opportunities?

Open network APIs are arguably the most publicized alternative business model to the traditional voice, SMS and data operator offering. Network APIs are enablers for a variety of business models, including operator branded application stores, two sided business models, web mashups and developer communities.

eBay offloads Skype for a surprising $2bn

Online auction house eBay must have been pleased as punch on Tuesday after agreeing to offload the majority of its ill fitting internet telephony outfit Skype for close to $2bn.

Vodafone demos augmented reality Android game

Augmented reality is one of the big buzzwords of the moment – using a camera-equipped mobile handset to overlay information on the real world, such as location sensitive data or directions.

Opera Mini tops 25 mil. downloads

Independent app store GetJar said this week that the world’s most popular mobile web browser, Opera Mini, has been downloaded more than 25 million times from its store. This makes Opera Mini the most downloaded app ever from any open app store to date, GetJar claims.

Does the FCC want to understand the app store market or control it?

The US Federal Communications Commission is taking its first look into the unregulated business of application stores, having sent letters to Apple, its US carrier partner and Google asking for answers as to why Apple blocked Google’s voice-over-IP (VoIP) application, which enables AT&T subscribers to make free voice calls.

Nokia breaks into banking

The world’s leading mobile handset manufacturer, Finland’s Nokia, announced a move into financial services on Wednesday. The new direction for Nokia will see it working with mobile payment specialist Obopay, in which Nokia invested $70m in March this year.

Motorola puts faith in summer Blockbuster

Fading giants Motorola and Blockbuster have teamed up in a bid to revive both their flagging fortunes by putting on demand movie services on Motorola handsets.

ARPU under pressure as triple play shapes digital future

Having just completed our latest research on Central and Eastern Europe, a picture is emerging of fairly rapid digital TV growth. The good news is that this looks set to continue over the next five years. Having ended 2008 with 32 million digital homes, the region is expected to close 2014 with 87 million, so pretty much a three-fold increase.

Twitter used for ‘pointless babble’ shock

A recent study on what social networking platform Twitter is really used for has discovered that it’s not the marketer’s dream many think it to be. In truth, the research suggests, it’s really just used to spout senseless babble.

Mobile Streams launches developer facility

Mobile content specialist Mobile Streams has launched a smartphone research and development centre in Hong Kong which will focus on application development for smartphone platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.

O2 and Telmap join forces in navigation deal

UK carrier O2 announced on Monday that it has struck a deal with mobile navigation specialist Telmap which will see that firm’s personal navigation and mapping service deployed on the majority of GPS-enabled handsets sold by the operator.

SpinVox: Behind the spin

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. Over the years I’ve witnessed more ‘live demos’ than I care to remember (more, probably, than I do remember) and if I had to derive one, abiding rule from them all, it would be this: Most demos don’t work – and the ones that do, more often than not, are rigged.

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