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Nokia puts Skype on Symbian

Using the power of brand to reach consumers, Nokia on Wednesday hopped into bed with Skype to make the VoIP client available to some 200 million smartphone users worldwide.

Compuware, solutions manager, Richard Stone

Richard Stone, solutions manager for performance mangement firm Compuware,talks about measuring the end user experience, the growth in mobile data services and how the operators should data management.

LiMo builds bridges to operator community

Keen to increase its relevancy across all industry areas, mobile Linux evangelist group the LiMo Foundation is looking to build bridges with the recently formed Wholesale Applications Community.

Accenture, global executive director, Angelo Morelli

Angelo Morelli, global executive director for new product development and innovation at consultancy firm Accenture,talks about the ‘IP jungle’, innovation, and the challenges around the delivery of digital content.

Going places

Eighteen months after its acquisiton of mapping and navigation firm Navteq, Nokia aims to make Ovi Maps a contextual platform at the centre of a variety of mobile applications.

Application brands sway handset decisions

Branding is becoming an increasingly important tool in the battle for customer loyalty, something which Apple has exploited successfully in its assault on the mobile space. But research released this week reveals how the rise of content and application brands are now altering the mobile landscape.

BBC iPlayer racking up traffic in UK

It’s no wonder the operator community is growing increasingly concerned over the amount of data traffic hitting the networks. This week UK broadcaster the BBC announced record breaking requests for its IPTV-based iPlayer application.

Adobe demos Flash on Android, blasts Apple

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, we caught up with Mark Doherty, Adobe’s mobile evangelist for the Flash platform, who gave us a demonstration of Flash Player and Adobe Air running on Android.

Telmap points way to mobile advertising

Mapping and navigation firm Telmap added further to its armoury this week through a partnership with mobile advertising sales agency 4th Screen Advertising, paving the way for Telmap to offer location-based ads.

ST-Ericsson, Broadcom get behind Android

Mobile operating system Android continues to win support, with chip makers ST-Ericsson and Broadcom this week announcing mobile platforms catering to the OS.

Google launches social network by stealth

No surprises here, but on Tuesday evening Google launched its own social network, capitalising on its existing Gmail user base and expanding mobile presence.

Apple thwarts location-based advertising

Apple will prevent third party developers from using its iPhone platform to enable location based advertising, in a move which is perhaps designed to protect its own future plans in the mobile ad space.

Building blocks recently spoke to Anu Shah, head of IMImobile Europe, who shared his vision of the rich address book and talked about how operators need to pick their partnerships carefully.

Estonian operator trials SIM-embedded GPS tech

Estonian operator EMT said Wednesday that it has completed field trials of A-GPS technology embedded into the SIM card, allowing location based services (LBS) to be deployed to legacy handsets.

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