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App store wars: Who owns the customer?

As the impact of Apple’s iPhone resonates around the mobile industry, operators and device makers are all running to raise the bar on their own smartphones and services, hoping to catch the wave of higher revenues and customer loyalty, by Kate Bulkley.

DoCoMo takes 35 per cent of PacketVideo

Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo on Sunday acquired a 35 per cent stake in multimedia software firm PacketVideo, owned by wireless broadband vendor NextWave Wireless.

Google targets in-app advertising

While mobile advertising has so far proven something of a slow burn, the rise of the app store in 2009 is expected to bring in-application advertising to the forefront of the industry.

Moto’s Karma is mid range chameleon

Here’s something you don’t see very often – a new handset announcement from Motorola. Chasing the social networking bandwagon a little later than everyone else, the Moto Karma QA1 is a more consumer focused BlackBerry-style device.

Spinvox lands Latin American deal with Telefónica

UK-headquartered speech to text specialist Spinvox has signed a deal with Spanish carrier Telefónica that will see its text voicemail service made available to Telefónica’s entire Latin American customer base. The carrier has almost 125 million customers in the region.

3 tempts consumers with £0 per month contract

The UK’s plucky mobile disruptor, 3 UK, launched a £0 per month contract on Wednesday, hoping to lure prepay users from other networks with the promise of free Skype calls.

Boffins demo phone that writes in air

Technology students at Duke University, Durham, US, have demonstrated an application that allows a mobile phone to be used as a pen to write messages in the air.

Hutch to intro Twitter handset

The handset unit that emerged from the incubator of Hong Kong’s Hutchison Whampoa is onto its second device and is sticking with the social networking theme with the Twitter phone.

Breaking the net-neutrality deadlock is about quids, not QoS

As debate continues over whether the latest micro-amendment to the European Union’s telecoms regulation will defend or destroy the supposed neutrality of the internet, one major question remains unanswered: whether it was ever in danger in the first place.

Building a mobile app ecosystem to drive mobile usage

More and more organisations are announcing mobile app stores. Operators have been announcing their plans throughout this past year – the most recent announcement of an upcoming Vodafone store for mobile content and applications joins previous announcements from operators such as Orange and O2.

Sony Ericsson jumps on app store bandwagon

And another one jumps on the app store bandwagon. This time it’s struggling feature phone vendor Sony Ericsson, which on Thursday announced plans to distribute mobile applications via its PlayNow arena.

Brands spoilt for choice as app stores take off

Close to a quarter of online European consumers now regularly access the internet from their mobile handsets, creating new opportunities as well as new confusion for brands unsure about their target audience and mobile strategy.

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