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Rogers to launch LTE in Ottawa this summer

Canadian mobile operator Rogers, has announced that it will bring LTE services to capital city Ottawa this summer. The service will be limited to laptop/PC access, with Sierra Wireless providing the USB dongle, which the operator has dubbed the ‘Rocket Stick’.

O2 UK claims LTE spectrum auction is illegal

The UK arm of Telefónica, O2, has released a statement blasting UK regulator Ofcom’s consultation over the forthcoming digital dividend spectrum auction.

The operator is objecting to the use of spectrum floors, whereby at least four operators will get at least 10MHz of spectrum below 1GHz. However, O2 believe that these spectrum floors amount to a state aid, which would make them illegal under EU law.

Virgin makes 100Mbps available to 4 mil. UK homes

Virgin Media, the UK’s predominantly cable-based broadband network operator, said that its 100Mbps fibre optic service is now available to four million homes in the country.

The company said that service is now available to 100 towns in the UK, and plans to make the service available to its entire network, with a reach of 13 million people, by mid-2012. Virgin Media charges £35 a month for the service when taken with a Virgin phone line, and £45 a month as a stand-alone product.

LightSquared plans hit by GPS interference blow

US wholesale carrier LightSquared’s proposed mobile network does cause interfere with local GPS signals, a US government agency has confirmed. The news comes as a blow to LightSquared, which is hoping to be a disruptive force in US telecoms space by offering a country-wide LTE network on a wholesale basis for third-parties to run services over.

AT&T wins first foreign-operator license in Indonesia

AT&T has become the first foreign service provider to win a Multimedia Services Operator (MSO) license in Indonesia. Although the US telco already had a footprint in the country – in tandem with locally licensed operators, it provides virtual private network and other value-add data services to multinationals operating in the country – this new license will allow AT&T to provide services directly.

First VoLTE call made on live LTE infrastructure

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) has completed what it says is the first ever voice over LTE (VoLTE) test on a live LTE infrastructure. The test, which took place at the SuperOp annual telecoms testing event in Hawaii, involved key industry players Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, Intel Mobile and ST Ericsson, among others.

New opportunities

Neil Montefiore, CEO of Singaporean operator Starhub, talks about the smartphone revolution and the build out of Starhub’s next generation fibre network.

LightSquared in net share discussions with Sprint

LightSquared, the US wholesale network operator, is in talks with Sprint to strike a network share deal, in a scheme designed to accelerate build out of its LTE network, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Mend games

Vendors and carriers can make savings and enhance customer relations by improving the workflow around handset repair and trouble shooting, says Karim Barkawi, founder and CEO of B2X Care Solutions.

France launches LTE spectrum auction

The French auction for LTE spectrum is now imminent after French digital economy minister Éric Besson signed a decree launching the tender for operators to submit their bids, The process will begin in the coming days, French newspaper Le Monde reported, once the announcement is published in an official gazette. Operators will have until September to submit their bids.

Rural Australia to get Ericsson LTE broadband network

Ericsson has been appointed by Australia’s National Broadband Network to build and operate a fixed wireless LTE network to service the country’s rural areas. Rural households will gain access to the service from mid 2012 with the project to be completed by 2015.

Polkomtel plot thickens

The $6bn Polkomtel sale saga looks set to take an interesting turn this week with reports that last-minute squabbling between shareholders could derail the whole process. When news of the impending sale was first announced, many observers pointed to the fragmented nature of the telco’s ownership as a potential roadblock to achieving a smooth sale. On Tuesday, Reuters reported that sources close to the deal are saying the involvement of state-owned shareholderrs with differing views on how the transaction should go ahead are putting the whole venture at risk.

France Telecom looking to “adapt and conquer”

France Telecom (FT) has announced a two-phased strategic and financial plan for 2011-2015 which the company is calling “adapt to conquer.” Announced at the telco’s Investor Day on Tuesday, the strategy, which is part of the group’s ongoing “Conquests” programme, will focus on investment and cost reduction to improve cash flow and growth at the company.


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