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What is digital transformation? Huawei explains

At TM Forum Live 2016, spoke to Dr. Dong Sun, Chief Architect of Digital Transformation for Huawei, on the growing trend of digital transformation, what it is, why it is important for operators to begin strategising now, and some of the work Huawei is doing to help.

How to defragment the Internet of Things

One of the key problems holding back the IoT is the lack of a single wireless chipset that can be dropped into any IoT product and that will provide connectivity wherever the device resides, while still meeting the requirement for 10 year battery life, ubiquitous coverage and ultra low-cost connectivity.

Huawei lays out 3 stage NFV roadmap

Huawei has laid out the three steps operators need to take in order to become fully cloud-enabled, laying out plans for its All Cloud strategy.


Following comments from the European Data Protection Supervisor, do you feel the internet giants are taking advantage of the digital economy?

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