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LTE: Kim Larsen, T-Mobile

Here we talk to Kim Kyllesbech Larsen, director of technology services and international network economics at T-Mobile and get his thoughts on sweating existing operator assets and for how long that can be done.

TD-LTE maturing at speed

Chinese vendor ZTE and China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MII) said this week they have completed what they claim is the world’s first S1/X2 interface conformity test for TD-LTE.

LTE: Stephen Bye, Cox Communications

At the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam recently, got to speak with Stephen J Bye, vice president of wireless at US cable carrier Cox Communications about his plans for LTE.

Focus on the future

Nordic carrier TeliaSonera may have stolen much of the limelight with its launch of LTE in Stockholm and Oslo, but other carriers are hot on its heels with a view to launching the 4G technology before the year is out. At the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam, caught up with Seizo Onoe, SVP and managing director of the R&D strategy department at NTT DoCoMo, and got his views on LTE deployment.

LTE: Technology versus business

As a technology, LTE is solid, but as a business model the future of mobile is less clear. caught up with Konstantinos Halkiotis, RAN integration principal engineer at Greek operator Cosmote, at the recent LTE World Summit and got his thoughts on the future.

Network economics

It’s generally accepted that existing wireless technologies still have a decent lifespan ahead of them. Most of the people spoke to at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam expect 4G, 3G and even 2G to co-exist for some time yet. Here we talk to Kim Kyllesbech Larsen, director of technology services and international network economics at T-Mobile and get his thoughts on sweating existing operator assets and for how long that can be done.

Cox crows on LTE

Next generation wireless broadband technologies are held in high regard for their potential to deliver where 3G failed. This potential is also being tapped by fixed line operators which see 4G as a route to deliver complementary services. At the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam, got to speak with Stephen J Bye, vice president of wireless at US cable carrier Cox Communications.

The LTE connected car

At the LTE World Summit, held at the Okura hotel in Amsterdam recently, got to spend ten minutes sitting in an LTE connected car. The proof of concept device is made by Toyota with LTE gadgetry provided by Alcatel-Lucent.

WiMAX players shifting to LTE?

Russian WiMAX player Scartel, which operates under the Yota brand, is shifting its strategy to focus on LTE, which is seen as a rival or complimentary technology to WiMAX depending on who you talk to.

India’s 3G licensing auction finally over

After what seems like years of waiting for it to start, and weeks of bidding, India’s 3G licensing auction has finally come to a close, with the biggest winner being the government. India raked in more than $14.6bn from the process, as operators fought to get the most desired chunks of spectrum.

Making sense of European spectrum auctions

Regulators across Europe are busy this year auctioning spectrum in the 2.6GHz spectrum frequency range as well as other frequencies including the 800MHz Digital Dividend. 800MHz spectrum is clearly of great value to operators as the equivalent US auction demonstrated.

Reducing the burden of operator interoperability testing

If you have ever wondered why the latest handset is not available from you current operator, it may be because they are still IOT testing the device. Operator Interoperability Testing is the major bottleneck in getting new products to the market as network operators insist on rigorous in-house testing before allowing terminals to gain access to the network.

Flat rate: Can’t live, with or without it

Services and applications need to be launched in conjunction with LTE infrastructure, so the telecoms industry doesn’t experience the same problems it faced with the deployment of 3G – years of carrying voice applications eventually resulting in network issues when data finally took off.

LTE Awards Winners

On Tuesday the Okura hotel, Amsterdam played host to the inaugural LTE Awards, as part of the LTE World Summit.

As the great and good of the LTE ecosystem battled for prominence, the judges were left with the tough decision of highlighting the most deserving entries.

LTE: just do it

Nordic operator TeliaSonera is leading the charge in LTE deployment, no doubt watched closely by an industry eager to learn from its experiences. But Tommy Ljunggren, vice president, system development, at Business Area Mobility at TeliaSonera, is bearish about the learning difficulties, saying 4G trials are largely unnecessary.

YouTube racks up 2 billion video views per day

YouTube, the online video platform owned by Google, celebrated its fifth birthday on Sunday with the announcement that the site is now racking up two billion video views per day.

Operator backlash against fair usage policies begins

It’s an often heard observation in the industry that mobile data has become a victim of its own success. The unlimited data offerings used to drive 3G adoption have resulted in an unsustainable business model, with the result that operators are now scrambling to revise their usage terms and introduce new billing schemes. Vodafone UK issued one such warning to its consumers this week.

Capping of wireless broadband plans poses many questions

As more 3G and WiMAX wireless broadband services are deployed across Asia Pacific a clear trend is emerging of operators ditching all-you-can-eat plans in order to protect the performance levels of their networks, but how will this trend affect the shape of the broadband market?

TD-LTE gathers momentum

The next generation of China’s homegrown mobile technology, TD-LTE, is gathering momentum among the vendor community, as a public demonstration of the platform starts up at the World Expo in Shanghai.

Northern Lights

In November 2009, TeliaSonera, the joint venture between the incumbent carriers of Sweden and Finland, became the first operator to launch a commercial LTE service. Håkan Dahlström, president of mobility services at TeliaSonera talks to Mike Hibberd about the motivation behind the move, the firm’s experiences with the technology so far and its plans for the future.

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