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What did we learn from the EMC data protection report?

EMC has recently released its Global Data Protection Index 2016 where it claims only 2% of the world would be considered ‘leaders’ in protecting their own assets. But what did we learn about industry trends?

TalkTalk talks up Business business

TalkTalk delivered mixed news at its end of year financial report as the fixed operator continues to recover from last year’s hefty cyber attack, claiming impressive growth in its Business business.

UK government report rings cyber security alarm bells

The UK government has released findings from its annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey, which found 69% of organizations believe security to be a top priority, but only 29% have a formal policy, reports BCN.

HAUD delivers SS7 security and revenue protection to Latin American market

HAUD, the industry leader in telecoms security and revenue assurance, has announced the opening of a new office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in collaboration with leading technology consultancy, MS Consultora. The office opens as HAUD experiences significant international growth and will provide support and advice on SS7 security and fraud prevention for mobile network operators (MNOs) in the CALA region.

F5 warns of cloud and IoT insecurities ahead

Service providers and enterprises face an insecure networking environment in coming years as more applications, data and services are sent to the cloud, according to networking vendor F5.


Should privacy be treated as a right to protect stringently, or a commodity for users to trade for benefits?

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