5G: Where’s the Money?

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Basic CMYKDate: 20th March
Time: 10am UK Time

As specifications for 5G continue to solidify, with early service launches in the market and the imminent arrival of 5G-capable smartphones, attention has now shifted to the question of how to make money from the ‘next G.’

In this webinar, we focus on how 5G will act as a catalyst for a new wave of monetization innovation by opening up unique opportunities and driving incremental value throughout the telco business model.

Key topics include:

  • Lessons learned from LTE/4G
  • The rise of the digital consumer
  • Building a sustainable 5G monetization strategy
  • The killer use case for 5G

Where’s the money in 5G? Join us to find out.

Paul Gainham, Director of Strategic Marketing – MATRIXX Software
Wei Shi, Intelligence Content Creator – Telecoms.com

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