Customer Experience in Telecommunications: Defining the Gaps & How to Close Them


LogMeIn recently worked with Forrester on a research study into the telco industry on what drives satisfaction and dissatisfaction for their customers in Europe. We surveyed over 3,500 customers and interviewed a number of senior members of the telco industry to gain an understanding of what the telco industry thinks versus how the customer feels when it comes to customer experience.

Join us on this webinar to hear from Dan Bieler, an analyst at Forrester, as he gives an overview of the key findings from the research including:

  1. Picking the winning digital predators
  2. Defining telco customers’ expectations
  3. Pointing out the gaps in telcos’ customer experience performance
  4. Closing the gap between customer expectations and experiences in the telco sector


Dan Bieler – Principal Analyst Serving CIOS, Forrester Research
Christopher Savio – Senior Product Marketing Manager, LogMeIn

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