FTTx: Fiber to the eXponential

fiber optic connection to housefiber optic connection to house

This webinar will be hosted on our sister site, Light Reading.

Date: 25th July
Time: 3pm London BST

Today end users and enterprises generate and consume more data individually than an entire city would do a decade ago! As data consumption explodes, service providers come under constant pressure to deliver hyper connectivity and ultra-low latency. With fiber powering the future of hyper-connected lives, FTTx solutions are the perfect answer for ultra-high-speed last-mile data connectivity enabling truly digital lives. However, CSPs across the globe are struggling with high per-home-pass cost to effectively implement highly dense fiberized network infrastructure.

In this webinar, Dr. Badri Gomatam, Chief Technology Officer at Sterlite Tech, will address the following:

  • What are the key FTTx network considerations?
  • How does a software-defined access solution simplify the broadband network design and bring in service agility?
  • How can web-scale, open and agile networks help CSPs bring operational and capital efficiencies in network deployment?
  • Key takeaways from Sterlite Tech’s experience with Hyper Dense Urban FTTH deployments

Denise Culver, Online Research Director – Heavy Reading
Badri Gomatam, Chief Technology Officer – Sterlite Technologies

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