Instant Gratification with Open Source: A Video on Demand Odyssey


In this webinar, we will discuss how the diversity of content and popularity of high-definition video have caused an exponential rise in demand for media services delivered by telecommunication and media organizations alike. Subsequently, this development has paved the way for cloud-ready content delivery systems that allow users to view videos on-demand across a wide range of mobile and stationary devices.

Addressing this evolutionary process, we will provide some industry perspectives and examine the business and technology challenges facing this industry. We will explain how open-source, software-defined technologies offer compelling solutions to these challenges by highlighting key differentiating characteristics and by exploring why these technologies are the natural choice to deliver highly scalable content delivery services in the cloud.

We will briefly discuss the modular design of these technologies and explore how these may be employed in combination to create flexible and unconstrained micro-service architectures that can sustain emerging and highly elastic workloads for content delivery. We will conclude by presenting some system architectures that leverage these open-source, software-defined technologies to deliver video content with an enhanced user experience and an improved quality of service.


Werner Gold – Emerging Solutions Evangelist, Red Hat
Ian Hood – Global Chief Architect for Telco, Red Hat

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