Mobile Backhaul: Successfully Assuring Performance for Increasingly Complex Networks

To build out mobile backhaul, operators use potentially hundreds of combinations of technologies, vendors and topologies. With this comes a gamut of challenges and complex scenarios which will only become exacerbated with the arrival and deployment of LTE-A, small cells, C-RAN, VoLTE and ultimately 5G.

These challenges pose the following questions:

  • How can MNOs assure quality of service for voice and data when adopting the next wave of convergent network technologies?
  • Are current performance tools and practices sufficient or do providers need to evolve accordingly?

This Telecoms.com webinar, in association with InfoVista, will discuss the underlying business and technical challenges that network operations and engineering teams face today when assuring the performance of their mobile backhaul networks. Perhaps more importantly, this webinar will provide answers for operators to avoid the headache entirely.


Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili
Sergio Zveibil, Product Marketing Manager, InfoVista


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