Open Standards – Enabling NFC Convergence

Nowadays, cellphones are increasingly being used as transaction tools – and not just as ways to communicate. Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the key technologies supporting transactions via mobile phones. NFC is extending the concept of personal mobility by bringing contactless applications like payment, transport ticketing, access control, loyalty, eID and many more to today’s cellphones.

However, the successful integration of NFC applications on smartphones hinges on open standards. This is because the migration of NFC applications from smart cards to mobile solutions is a complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Open standards can simplify and accelerate this process.

In this webinar with Telecoms.com and Infineon, you will learn:

  • Why is NFC a game-changer for future mobile applications?
  • Why are open security standards crucial for NFC applications?
  • How will the co-existence of contactless smart cards and NFC devices work out?
  • What applications do open standards target?
  • Why will the deployment of contactless open standards increase globally?
  • Americaneagel.com use case: Migration to an open standard-based mobile solution for transport ticketing and beyond

Webinar Speakers:

Chung Chung Tam, Senior Vice President, Americaneagle.com
Yannick Le Goff, Head of Transport, Oberthur Technologies
Dr. Joerg Schmidt, Business Development Manager NFC, Transport & Standard, Infineon Technologies AG
Sebastian Ong, Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies
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