Demystifying VSAT communication using multiple waveforms: One solution for all Services.

This Telecoms.com webinar brought to you in association with Advantech Wireless will provide an overview of a unique satellite solution that dynamically adapts to multiple applications in order to Minimize and automate network operation, optimize the use of the satellite resources, de-risk product CAPEX and obsolescence and provide best user experience.

Using Big Data to Add Context to CEM

http://telcoms.s3.amazonaws.com/Webinars2015/UsingBigDatatoAddContexttoCEM.mp4 Operators can provide improved CEM by having a full view of all customers’ experiences at all touch points. This includes understanding the context of events (such as a network fault) and who is affected. Join this webinar to learn: How to get an end to end view of all customer data and understand customer […]

A2P Monetization: Niche or Mainstream? A2P SMS Hits the Mainstream

If you thought A2P monetization is only for spammers, think again! A new research revealed that domestic and international A2P SMS is the number one near-term monetization strategy among mobile operators. Why? With industry analysts forecasting the market to reach USD60 billion by 2018—and enterprise use cases, such as authentication, generate legitimate traffic—A2P messaging has gone mainstream!

E2E indoor (DAS/Small cell) measurements and analytics

Walk test measurements are needed in most cases to verify in-building deployment. In-building measurements are time consuming and expensive. In order to be efficient, both the data collection and following analysis needs to be executed professionally to ensure the number of visits to the venue is kept to a minimum. Hence one must make sure the data collection is done correctly and potential errors in the data collection are noticed before leaving the venue.

NFV and the Provider Cloud

Network Functions Virtualization is a growing priority for operators seeking to deliver network functions and next-generation services with greater agility and minimal TCO. In this webinar, David Hudson, Senior Director of EMC’s Telecommunications CSP Solutions Group, will share how EMC is bringing to market a unified Provider Cloud platform that is fully automated, software-defined, and that blends real-time and predictive analytics to deliver carrier-grade NFV. Attendees of the webinar will learn about the VNF use cases that EMC is addressing with its ecosystem partners, and learn of the range of deployment options available from EMC -from hyperconverged “VNF-in-a-box” offerings to datacenter building blocks that can be used to build composite NFV solutions.

Real World SS7 Attacks – Evidence, Analysis and Prevention

Defending SS7 networks against exploitation is of paramount importance in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. In this webinar Cathal Mc Daid, Head of AdaptiveMobile’s world-leading Threat Intelligence Unit, will share previously unseen intelligence on real-world attacks in action today. Attendees of the webinar will learn what techniques are currently being deployed to exploit mobile networks and be presented unique visualisations of some of these threats in action today.

Cashing in on the A2P Opportunity

http://telcoms.s3.amazonaws.com/Webinars2015/CashinginontheA2POpportunity.mp4 It has long been acknowledged that traditional operator revenue streams are under threat, particularly person-to-person SMS services. Application-to-person (A2P) services, however, are positively thriving, and are forecast to for the next three years at least. Enterprise organisations are increasingly turning to SMS as a means of communicating more directly and intimately with its customers […]

Smart Wi-Fi Strategies – Why Quality of Experience Pays

Wi-Fi has reached the fabled tipping point – with 48 million hotspots at the end of 2014 expected to rise to 340 million by 2018, we will soon have one hotspot for every 20 people on Earth. It’s no longer about footprint or cost savings – improving customer quality of experience (QoE) is now the top driver for service providers investing in carrier-grade Wi-Fi, according to recent research from Maravedis-Rethink, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and other industry-leading analysts.

How to integrate the cloud into your existing IT estate

This webinar brought to you by Business Cloud News and Interoute will take you though some of the typical deployments that we’re seeing with customers’ existing IT estates and the problems they are facing. We will then walk through some of the tools we’ve developed allow you to connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud, enabling you to have a fully integrated estate of old and new.

Security on the Gi-LAN: The Limitations of CGNAT

In this webinar, we will explore best practices in building security architectures that can deal with the increasing security challenges associated with 4G LTE service expansion, emerging new services such as IoT, and the secure transition from IPv4 to IPv6.


What will be the defining telecoms trend in 2018?

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