PoE: Adding Power to (IoT)∞

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As networks get smarter, network infrastructure needs to get simpler. Once IoT applications scale up, the number of connected devices will increase exponentially, making infrastructure provisioning increasingly complex.

The connected world needs a solution that converges power and data infrastructure to cater to triple-play services and power consumption demands of edge network assets. A smart way to do this is to re-engineer category cable design and technical standards for enhanced business and operational performance.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the new buzzword, which will shape the network ecosystem of tomorrow. Tune into this webinar to understand what goes into ensuring increased safety and network longevity for the latest 4-pair PoE system by Sterlite Tech.

In this webinar, Md.Shahid Khan, Chief Technical Manager, Sterlite Tech, explores:

  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards, PoE’s implications and benefits over other alternatives
  2. Why PoE is the perfect solution for enabling the IoT ecosystem
  3. PoE use case for LiFi, New WiFi and HDBase-T
  4. Real-life experiments to develop a correlation between data transmission and heat dissipation for a PoE system

Md. Shahid Khan, Chief Manager – PLM & Applications Engineering (Specialty Cables)Sterlite Technologies
Stephen Bell, Senior Analyst – Heavy Reading

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