Reality is Virtual: Simplifying Digital Customer Engagement for Service Providers

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Competition is fierce. Retaining high-value customers is a challenge. Customer service costs are getting out of hand. Feel like you’re in the middle of a free-for-all? Join Vodafone and [24]7 for an enlightening webinar.

The “Reality is Virtual” webinar will help you create a differentiated experience like you’ve never seen before and help you win in this high-stakes game. Digital and mobile channels are the first channels consumers use to start a customer service journey, with phone being the fallback channel. As telecom providers look to shift more of their interactions online, it’s critical to optimize and orchestrate both digital and traditional channels for the best overall customer experience. Join speakers from leading provider Vodafone Qatar and [24]7 as they reveal how creating a differentiated digital customer experience using artificial intelligence, chatbots and web-aware IVRs can lead to effortless engagement and a consistent brand experience.

Vodafone Qatar and [24]7 will share their perspectives on customer expectations and their impact on engagement and experience. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Quickly reduce call volumes and emails with a virtual agent and chatbots
  • Create differentiated phone experiences with a web-aware IVR
  • Better understand the voice of your customer to drive loyalty and identify new opportunities


Sandra O’Boyle, Senior Analyst – CEM & Customer Analytics, Heavy Reading
Vinay Prasad, Senior Manager – Digital Transformation, Vodafone
Aneta Ranstoller – Product Marketing Manager, Vertical Markets, [24]7

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