Rebuilding OSS for NFV and the Digital Era

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Date: November 29th
Time: 3.00 p.m London

Operational Support Systems are, frankly, a mess. They struggle to support a mish-mash of existing technologies let alone the coming wave of NFV. On top of that they are a roadblock to the much-needed digital transformation of the telecom business itself.
Accepting the need to change, where should CSPs start to rebuild the OSS? Big bang transformations are risky, expensive and frequently under deliver. Instead a more tactical approach is required. Drawing on real world experience of implementing OSS, this webinar will explore some of the key areas for OSS transformation that can unlock the most value in the shortest time frame:

  • Closed-loop Lifecycle Orchestration across Business processes (order management, product catalog), Services (policy, service catalog/inventory) and Resources (physical and virtualized).
  • Network discovery and inventory (real-time, accurate discovery of physical/virtualized, and logical resources across vendors, domains, technologies and layers)
  • Modernization of OSS systems themselves (cloud deployment in virtual machines and containers, rearchitecting for microservices, use of Open APIs, composability)
  • DevOps methodologies to make OSS, and the business it supports, more agile

By making tactical upgrades to OSS, CSPs can unleash the business innovation necessary to start driving top line growth.

James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst – OSS/BSS Transformation, Heavy Reading
Mounir Merhi, OSS Segment Head and Principal Consultant – Tata Consultancy Services


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