Revenue Management: Enabling the Digital Service Provider Evolution – CSP Survey Analysis

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Date: Wednesday, November 08

Time: 09:00 AM GMT

The ability to monetize new services quickly and reliably has always been the focus for Revenue Management teams within Communication Service Providers. However, the digital transformation of their businesses is now challenging existing capabilities and driving a whole new set of expectations for revenue management.

As an industry we need to get below the headlines of transformation and understand the real capabilities of today, the implications it has for the business and where we need to focus to prepare the business for success.

On behalf of Huawei, Heavy Reading has conducted a survey of CSPs globally regarding revenue management. This ‘state of the nation’ survey will highlight where CSPs are really focusing their efforts, what capabilities they believe are important and where the greatest benefits can be achieved from revenue management modernization. We will present the key results of the survey along with Heavy Reading’s analysis and key takeaways.

James Crawshaw Senior Analyst,OSS/BSS Transformation – Heavy Reading
Gordon Rawling, VP Marketing – Huawei

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