Road to 5G, Built on Fibre

5G network wireless systems

This webinar will be hosted on our sister site, Light Reading.

Date: 14th June
Time: 3pm London BST

5G promises to change the way we live our lives, with unprecedented services and unparalleled user experiences. With the heavy expectations of delivering up to 1,000 times increased bandwidth, 100 times more connected devices and latency of less than 1ms, mobile operators will have to adopt “small cell networks” which strategically bring the network closer to the users. Small cells can be backhauled over copper, microwave or fiber. With fiber being the most scalable, secure and cost-effective option, it is expected to play a pivotal role in 5G rollout world over. Most leading telecom operators are committed to investing in fiber while governments are leading the way through policy and regulatory changes.

In this webinar, Ankit Agarwal, Director (Telecom Products Business), Sterlite Tech, will elaborate on:

  • How the technology trends of today are paving the way for the organic roll out of 5G
  • Decoding 5G – What 5G means for end users
  • Why fiber infrastructure upgrades are critical for 5G rollout
  • Why CSPs should partner with network integrators for successful rollouts

Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst – Heavy Reading
Ankit Agarwal Director (Telecom Products Business) – Sterlite Technologies

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