Open New Revenue Streams Using DNS Infrastructure

Dozens of telcos have established new recurring profit streams by selling domain names and related services to their existing SMB and Enterprise customers, leveraging their existing DNS infrastructure and making this cost centre a revenue driver.

Join CentralNic PLC, the global domain name and DNS software and service providers, for this webinar and gain valuable insights from other telcos that could help you unlock these revenue streams and achieve enhanced profits from both your SMB and Enterprise customers. We will cover;

  • Case studies demonstrating real-world revenue-earning potential and excellent ROI achieved by telcos in diverse markets around the world
  • The unprecedented growth in the domain name and related services market, and the factors driving it
  • The DNS & domain security issues faced by enterprise scale businesses, and how telcos can be positioned to access their clients’ cybersecurity budgets
  • How recent software developments allow telcos already selling domain names to improve security and reliability whilst reducing costs

Webinar speakers:

Ben Crawford, CEO, CentralNic Plc
Rishi Maudhub, Head of Enterprise Consultancy Services, CentralNic Plc
Sven-Holger Wabnitz, Senior Advisor, CentralNic Plc
Tim Skinner, Head of Intelligence, Telecoms.com


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