VSAT system Challenges 2017-2025


This webinar will go through the dramatic evolution that the Satellite Broadband market place is undergoing with HTS satellites, pointing out the new challenges, as well as the new generation SATCOM technologies developed to fully exploit HTS satellite capabilities, in order to deliver new generation broadband satellite services.

  • 1 Gbps spaces costs down from $225 – $1 by 2025
  • Available HTS bandwidth will go from 400 GBPS in 2015 to 4000 Gbps by 2023 (12000 Gbps overall)
  • Over 8 million new satellite broadband connections expected to be added by 2025
  • 1 terabyte HTS satellites will room space (150 to 200 today) by 2020
  • VSAT System  Industry faced with new challenges to cope with such massive expansion
  • With HTS Multibeam Ka Satellites generating Intebeam interference ans MEO or LEO satellites also operating in Ka Bad, Interference Cancelation will become a key issue

Attend this Telecoms.com webinar and Advantech Wireless and learn –

  • Review current status of the broadband satellite marketplace as well as the evolution lead by the new generation of HTS satellites
  • Understand some of the special challenges generated by this new generation HTS satellites
  • Cover some of the new broadband SATCOM technologies required to fully take advantage of HTS satellites in order to deliver the best broadband satellite services.


Oscar Glottman
CMO Satellite Networks Business Unit.
Advantech Wireless


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