What’s Your Post-Brexit Strategy?

Brexit has hardly been out of the news since the referendum and although it will take time for the UK to negotiate terms for their exit from the EU, telecoms isn’t the only market wondering what this will mean for the future of their market.

If the UK does leaves the EU then the recently-reviewed Regulatory Framework will cease to be applicable in the UK and the power of decision-making will rest in Ofcom’s hands. Alongside regulation, others causes for concerns include increasing roaming charges and a halt to EU funding which currently fuels R&D in areas like 5G, as well as investment into “alternative network providers” in the UK.

In this webinar we will answer your questions, and discuss:

• What effects can we predict Brexit will have on telecommunications regulation in the UK?
• What does Brexit mean for our UK fixed and mobile operators?
• What are UK companies already doing in preparation for Brexit?
• How will Ofcom’s decision-making powers change should there be a complete break from EU policies?

Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper UK LLP
Malcolm Corbett, CEO, INCA
Tim Skinner, Head of Intelligence, Telecoms.com


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