A Unified Network Solution in Mobile Communications – A need or a nice to have?


Keeping track of multiple co-existing technologies is already a necessity, but the need for greater degree of abstraction and control will continue to grow. Smartphones are already capable of several levels of communication using voice call, text messaging and data traffic over the internet. With more and more services becoming available and competing technologies overlapping in functionality the need for distinction, separation and enforcement of policy becomes vital. This in turn requires an easily accessible overview, combining the records of all technologies while preserving separation between the various services offered.

As mobile network operators continue to open up the SS7 infrastructure for increased connectivity, signaling technology has become more accessible. However we should not ignore the fact that growth in unsolicited messaging, spam and fraud is still predominantly in the area of SMS.

This white paper will examine why having a unified network solution is fundamental for operators today and how catering for new technologies and bringing them together under one single interface, providing a bird’s eye view of the network and how it will remain pivotal and increase in importance in the years to come.

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