Begin monetising SDN & NFV today – Intelligence whitepaper


Software defined networking and network functions virtualization have heralded in a new era of possibility for operators in a telecoms industry becoming progressively more fixated on delivering diverse, converged and cloud-based services. While SDN and NFV certainly have potential, it’s the orchestration of virtual services that will make the potential of virtualization a more tangible reality.

There have been some early successes for telcos implementing virtualization platforms, and this Intelligence paper, in association with Cisco, will investigate these increasingly prominent technologies and how telcos could go about claiming some important and tangible business wins.

This paper will provide readers with:

  • Tangible success stories from 3 operators implementing NFV & Cloud technologies.
  • Advise on rolling out live NFV services for real business benefit.
  • Explain how to orchestrate and manage operational VNFs on the live service provider network.
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