intelligence eBook: AI in CEM – the opportunity for telcos

Android is working with touchscreen technology

Advances in artificial intelligence presents an opportunity for telecoms operators to entirely revolutionise their approach to customer experience management.

Customer service, specifically, comes with a standard cost per user – and every time the customer makes contact to discuss a problem that’s a charge to the operator. Therein lies the problem with the existing model, it isn’t pre-empting customer experience issues.

By introducing elements of behaviour prediction, network condition prediction and customer service automation, operators can rapidly begin to minimise the cost of running contact centres and help optimise average revenues per user.

This eBook produced by and IBM explores how AI can be realised today, and some examples of how IBM’s Watson has done so.

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  1. P Leite 08/11/2016 @ 11:34 am

    World is going to automatize everything. One example is the Personas, which visibly try to classify the customer, aiming to discover how He/She thinks and reacts. The objective is to transform all in digital, digitalize people and to take off all the human body still has. The liberty of choice and power to be different. Companies will no longer develop products and services for customers but for “models” of customers. Robots will take place of human body making the it a simple object of research to develop machines.
    Is it progress?

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