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The State of Digital Transformation in Telecommunications

We conducted a survey of telecom operators to better understand which aspects of digital transformation are most important to them and where they are placing their investment “bets”. We asked them about the degree to which their organizations had already adopted technology and practices such as DevOps, Cloud and NFV. And we asked how they planned to address the OTT threat including aspects such as user data monetization (taking a leaf out of Facebook and Google’s book). In this report we present the results.

Intellectual Property – Empowering ZTE’s Growth

As telecommunications carriers across the world prepare to roll out next-generation 5G networks in the next couple of years, the proprietary Pre5G technology developed by ZTE Corporation is helping many mobile users in Asia and Europe who want an immediate performance upgrade, without changing their smartphones, right now. The award-winning Pre5G solution is the culmination […]

The business success of a Spanish MVNO-Simyo Wins ‘Most Innovative MVNO’ award at MVNO World Congress 2017

The business success of a Spanish MVNO – Simyo Wins ‘Most Innovative MVNO’ award at MVNO World Congress 2017 [Nice, France, 26th April, 2017] Simyo, Spain’s’ major MVNO, won ‘Most Innovative MVNO award’ at MVNO World Congress 2017. The ‘Most Innovative MVNO award’ is granted to these virtual operators that they have genuinely introduced innovation in […]

Delivering Superior Customer Experience at Teléfonica Deutschland

A key element in Teléfonica Deutschland Digital Transformation Journey Executive Summary Teléfonica has made customer experience a brand differentiator, with an ambition to grow the Teléfonica and O2 brands by delivering superior customer experiences that subscribers will not find elsewhere. However, despite spending millions on probing systems, the advent of encrypted Over-The-Top (OTT) aps has […]

Make video a success with Fixed Mobile Convergence

The boundaries between TV and mobile media are blurring as consumers increasingly expect ubiquitous video streaming on every device. While traditional Pay-TV operators, normally they own fixed only network, are focused on expanding their presence, operators are feeling the pressure to provide seamless video services for multi-screen and cross fixed mobile network. The evolution from a […]

Huawei Envision Ecosystem Help Operator Succeed in Video Service

Over the past 10 years, countless operators have adopted video as a core service to help improve user stickiness and increase their ARPU. During the same period, the video business has undergone a number of transformations including the migration to HD and now 4K content, the introduction of time shifting features, and most recently the explosion of OTT content […]

Digital Transformation Operator Survey Report

With tighter margins and the threat of declining ARPU the last thing service providers need is more revenue leakage. But according to the findings of a new and Openet operator survey, this is exactly the prospect facing many service providers. Download the results of this survey of 117 operators to find out more.

ZTE on Its Best Way to 5G

In 2016, ZTE was named as a leader for its 4G LTE solution in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for LTE Network Infrastructure report, its cloud networks were widely recognized in the industry, and its award-winning Pre5G was to go into commercial use. ZTE also kept ahead in its 5G research and tests. With significant improvements in […]

Smart cities: what are the opportunities for telcos?

There has been plenty made of the future market size of Internet of Things (IoT), and almost everyone in the telecoms industry is very familiar with numbers claiming “IoT will be worth billions by 2020”. However, it would be fair to say that the IoT market in general failed to capture the public’s imagination in […]

Tomorrow’s world – what is the future of telecoms?

In November 2016 hosted a discussion as part of the AfricaCom trade show in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosted with Mahindra Comviva and Light Reading, the discussion featured involved two of the continent’s leading operators, Vodacom and Safaricom, who explored the latest major trends facing the industry. With relevance to the African market, but a broader theme applicable to the entire telecoms landscape, the discussion took the form of discussing digital transformation and the likely shape the next generation of business will take.

Data Revelations: Nominum Data Science Security Report

The new era of cyberthreats is a growing concern for most service providers especially since October 21st 2016, when a massive DDoS attack took down many popular web domains including Netflix and Twitter. We were quickly reminded how important DNS security is to every organization. This inaugural security report from Nominum Data Science comes from […]

Network maintenance evolution and best practices for NFV assurance

NFV transformation drives new network assurance strategies Telecom service providers testify they are responding to pressures on their business models by changing the way in which they design, develop and deliver services. This transformation is targeting a shift from today’s legacy network operations to implementing a transparent service delivery, operations and management environment that enables […]

The African Market Outlook 2016

The African Market Outlook is now available for download This free report, published by Intelligence, analyses and presents the findings of an in-depth questionnaire answered by nearly 150 operators from the African market involved with a variety of areas relating to mobile across the continent. Included in the report are three distinct areas related […]

Multi-billion dollar market opportunities may be lost unless Next Generation Broadband meets Seven Key Challenges

New Strategy Analytics report outlines requirements for IoT Services, Security, FMC, Cloud, Network Slices, 5G and Bursty Video This new report from Strategy Analytics identifies seven challenges that could be ‘show stoppers’ for the key multi-billion dollar markets where Service Providers are looking for revenue growth over the next decade. This report identifies unique requirements […] eBook: AI in CEM – the opportunity for telcos

Advances in artificial intelligence presents an opportunity for telecoms operators to entirely revolutionise their approach to customer experience management. Customer service, specifically, comes with a standard cost per user – and every time the customer makes contact to discuss a problem that’s a charge to the operator. Therein lies the problem with the existing model, it isn’t pre-empting customer experience issues.

Subscribers Demand New Communication Methods from Service Providers

We are currently witnessing a dramatic shift in the balance of power between communications service provid¬ers (CSPs) and their subscribers. Fueled by increased internet use, mobile technologies and social media, today’s empowered subscribers expect self-directed, on-demand, two-way engagement anywhere, on any device. This research paper examines the changing attitudes of subscribers and the ways they […]

2016 Cloud VPN Survey Report

This free report, published by Intelligence, analyses and presents the findings of an in-depth questionnaire answered by 200 members of the telecoms industry involved with enterprise-grade telecoms networking today. Included in the report are three distinct areas related to the evolution of VPN technology, including: The role of SDN in providing scaleable VPN services […]

2016 Broadband Outlook report

The 2016 Broadband Outlook report is now available to download This free report, published by Intelligence, analyses and presents the findings of an in-depth questionnaire answered by 600 members of the telecoms industry involved with Broadband today. Included in the report are three distinct sections relating to Broadband technology, including: Digital Transformation Fibre and Next Generation […] eBook: Delivering the WiFi Utopia

An increasing number of devices in the home consuming heavier amounts of bandwidth-consuming content are forcing operators to review how they deliver WiFi in the home. Providing a high-speed broadband connection is one thing, but an inefficient home network can cause a substantial bottleneck. This bottleneck has the potential to ruin the user experience, and will be a major factor in future content delivery strategies for operators.


What will be the defining telecoms trend in 2018?

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