Smart Cabling: Constructing a cost effective reliable and upgradeable cable infrastructure for your data centre/enterprise network


Published by Corning

As data centre and enterprise network facilities today are under unrelenting pressure to deliver higher capacity, highly reliable systems with sound technology robustness for the future, facilities continue to adopt the truly future proof technology of optical fibre. The reasons for converting to optical fibre away from legacy copper based cabling systems are numerous, but include high data rate scalability, enhanced power and cooling efficiencies, reduction in pathway and space utilisation, low latency and ease of testing and installation.

But as with all new technologies it is often considered easier to maintain old technology than to craft and deliver the technical arguments necessary to steer management decisions in the direction of the new. This is often true of cabling and connectivity infrastructure when planning system upgrades or MACs (moves adds and changes). Here we set out to provide a clear guide as to why optical fibre should be the technology of choice for 21st Century enterprise and data centre networks and explore innovations in optical fibres, such as bend insensitive fibres, that have opened up a whole new world of cost efficiencies through uptime protection and space utilisation.

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