The key to agile and intelligent service delivery in the cloud era

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In order for operators and service providers to realise their full potential in the cloud era, where data volumes are ramping up exponentially, the need to maximise return on investment while working to differentiate services has never been more apparent.

The question of maximising RoI for operators seeking to expand their businesses—and revenues—has traditionally created significant operational challenges. Fundamental obstacles need to be addressed as these carriers can risk substantial sums of investment capital when moving into new markets and regions. Historically, an inability to collate and leverage relevant, accurate and contemporaneous market and customer data has prevented expanding operators from accurately predicting RoI levels from existing and potential customers.

This failure has, in many cases resulted in a flawed go-to-market strategy with operators building out fibre opportunistically to areas where demand potential was not at its maximum, at the expense of neglecting other pockets of demand where such build outs would be capable of generating faster RoI.

While these challenges remain, these issues are being addressed and the importance of emerging technologies such as GeoAnalytics (GA) are becoming increasing well understood. In a world where services are increasingly
standards-based, operators are waking up to the potential of such approaches to help maximise monetisation of
core assets by allowing them to develop and deploy intelligent and agile go to market strategies that target their
potentially most lucrative prospects.

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