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Bridget Fishleigh, Public Relations, VNL

Bridget Fishleigh, Public Relations, VNL talks at AfricaCom 2009 telecoms conference and exhibition. Find out more about VNL and their plans for the future along with her synopsis of AfricaCom.

Taste of freedom

Lee Williams, executive director of the Symbian Foundation, talks to Mike Hibberd about the body’s achievements so far, his hopes and expectations for the near future and the benefits of being a not for profit organisation.

An experiment in openness

The newly open source Symbian Foundation is looking to reflect its structural shift in its Symbian Exchange and Exposition event. Mike Hibberd talks to David Wood, the organisation’s ‘catalyst and futurist’ and Lars Kurth, Symbian’s contributor community manager, about open source, open communities and what they hope will prove to be an open Expo.

Public private partnership

Hamadoun Touré, secretary general of the International Telecommunications Union, has a grand vision—one that was born of the current financial crisis. The ICT sector, he believes, has the potential to lead the world out of recession—and the ITU can play a key role in making that happen.

LTE Asia 2009 Show Highlights

LTE Asia 2009 was by far the best yet, attracting 250+ attendees from over 100 organisations across 28 counties! Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed to 2009’s extremely successful show and ensure you visit the website at for more information regarding 2010’s exciting event.

Russian into WiMAX

Dennis Sverdlov, Yota CEO, talks to Ken Wieland about his ambitious plans to use WiMAX to dominate the fixed and mobile broadband markets in Russia.

Coming soon

Thomas Noren, head of Product Line LTE at Ericsson’s Networks business unit talks to about his confidence in the future that LTE will bring.


Should privacy be treated as a right to protect stringently, or a commodity for users to trade for benefits?

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