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Alone as a magazine for the mobile operator community that is truly global in reach,Mobile Communications International has been delivering unmatched coverage of the wireless sector for over 21 years.

Built around first rate features and news analysis, exclusive interviews bring readers unrivalled insight into the strategic thinking of the mobile communications sector’s leading executives while company profiles and regional reports round out the most widely read B2B magazine in the industry.

Key Benefits of advertising:

  • Unrivalled reach to over 10,000 global mobile network operators
  • 100% requested by readers and audited by BPA Worldwide
  • Bonus distribution at over 20 annual telecoms events


Mobile Communications International is distributed six times a year to a controlled circulation of over 13,500 qualified senior-decision makers within the global mobile industry. On average each copy of Mobile Communications International is read by 4-5 people giving you a total pass along readership of over 54,000 per issue.



The results of our 2009 annual reader survey showed that:

  • 18% of Mobile Communications International readers have annual budgets in excess of £10 million
  • 54% of readers specify the requirements of products/ initiate and recommend the purchase of products and services within their organization

When asked what action our readers had taken in response to or as a result of seeing an advertisement or reading and article in Mobile Communications International in the past 12 months:

  • 74% of readers had made a purchase decision
  • 60% of readers had visited a website
  • 52% of readers had discussed it with someone else in their organization
  • 33% of readers had sourced and selected potential new suppliers
  • 22% of readers had recommend products and services
  • 17% of readers had contacted the company directly for more information
  • 32% of readers had routed to someone else in their company to follow up 



Advertising Options:

Mobile Communications International offers a combination of flexible and tailored advertising options, which allow you to communicate your marketing message as effectively as possible to your target audience. No matter what your requirements or budget, we can find the right media solution to meet your specific requirements.

Traditonal advertisements: Available in full, half or quarter page sizes or as a double page spread.

Executive Interview:  An editorial piece written by our team based on an interview with the vendor and produced as a double page feature. No branding as standard but can be flexible.

Vendor profile: An editorial piece written by our team including company overview – financials and history – and an interview with a senior figurehead, produced as a double page feature spread including corporate branding and company images.

Vendor View: Advertorial piece written and supplied by the client covering a topic of clients choice whereby they can position themselves as the leader in their field, produced by our team as a double page feature, complete with corporate branding.

Featured Advertiser: Ensure that your brand is aligned with one of our top features. Package includes a full page advert (positioned next to the feature of your choice) plus our editorial team will interview and quote your company within the relevant feature.

For more information on advertising in Mobile Communications International please contact:

Mike Butcher
Tel: +44 (20) 701 75601


Mobile Communications International advertisers include:


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