Nokia Bluetooths Wibree

Nokia’s Wibree Forum will merge with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) it was announced late Tuesday. The Finnish mobile giant first revealed the ultra low power wireless technology, Wibree, back in October 2006, claiming that it would complement the Ericsson-developed Bluetooth. It would seem Nokia has had little traction with what described at […]

AT&T admits to spy room

Finally, months after the shock revelation that AT&T had secretly installed a ‘spy room’, which allowed it to monitor a chunk of all domestic internet traffic, and the resultant legal pushback, out came the truth. On Wednesday, AT&T ceased attempts to seal the documents that technician Mark Klein took away when he retired from the […]

OMTP says IMS falls short

The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) community issued a document on Tuesday detailing the steps it thinks are required to make IMS, variously known as the IP Multimedia Subsytem and Immense Menacing Squid, work better. According to the OMTP, “In its current form the IMS proposition fails to sufficiently address [these] four key areas and […]

Ericsson grabs CMS maker

Ericsson has acquired Drutt, a company that provides software for carriers to manage the delivery of multiple versions of their content. The system monitors user activity on the web in a variety of ways, and adapts content to suit different devices. So far, a total of 60 customers have deployed it in 35 countries. Ericsson […]

Numbers up for Mobile WiMAX sales

Sales of 802.16e Mobile WiMAX kit have risen 35 per cent since the start of this year, according to research firm Infonetics. Infonetics analyst Richard Webb said that he expects the technology’s share of broadband connections to rise sharply as a result. However, fixed WiMAX is looking increasingly like it’s been left behind. Webb argues […]

TeliaSonera looks for new chief

International fixed and mobile operator TeliaSonera, which has a portfolio based predominantly around the Nordic and Baltic states, announced that it is to replace CEO Anders Igel. Igel took control of the firm when it was created in 2002 from the merger of the Swedish and Finnish incumbents, Telia and Sonera. The search for his […]

TIM to roll out HSUPA

Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) is reportedly planning to launch a HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) service in July, at the same time as it upgrades its HSDPA network from 3.6Mbps maximum speeds to 7.2Mbps (Class 8). Population coverage is also expected to double from 35 per cent in January to 70 per cent by […]

UK ISPs vexed by filtering proposal

British ISPs are increasingly concerned by the government’s little-reported effort to get them all to deploy a content-filtering system developed by BT before mid-July. Back in 2003, at the behest of then-Home Secretary David Blunkett, BT deployed its Cleanfeed system in its customer DSL network to filter child abuse images (CAI). Now, the government would […]

Open access coalition rattles Virgin

A coalition of industry players calling for open access to spectrum in the 700MHz band in the US has raised a few hackles at Virgin Mobile USA this week. The Wireless Founders Coalition for Innovation (WFC) purports to have been co-founded by “the founders of Virgin Mobile USA”. Except Virgin doesn’t think so. A Virgin […]

iPhone to run third party web apps

Apple CEO Steve Jobs almost made a U turn on his decision to lock developers out of the iPhone on Monday, announcing that third parties would be able to make web-based apps for the device. According to an announcement made by Jobs, developers will be able to create Web 2.0 applications “which look and behave […]

Nokia ships N77 DVB-H device

Leading handset vendor Nokia has started shipping its N77 DVB-H enabled device in its homeland of Finland, the company said Monday. The terminal was announced in Barcelona at the 3GSM World Congress as part of a raft of new handset offerings. Later this month the device will start shipping in Vietnam and India, two countries, […]

Com Hem embraces fixed line IMS

Swedish cable operator Com Hem bought itself a shiny new IMS from Nokia Siemens Networks on Monday. The carrier intends to use it to deliver VoIP services, running on a Siemens SURPASS HiQ server, and the system will deploy ENUM to map traditional telephone numbers to IP addresses. “We are excited to be one of […]

US fallout from Qualcomm chip ban

South Korean handset manufacturers LG Electronics and Samsung are understood to be lobbying for a suspension on the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) ban of 3G phones using Qualcomm chips. The ban came into force on Friday after the ITC found Qualcomm guilty of infringing patents held by rival Broadcom. Both LG and Samsung are expected […]

Virgin to do deal with Warner?

UK cableco Virgin Media is rumoured to be talking over a content deal with Warner Bros. The agreement would see Virgin Media get a first look at Warner Bros content with obligations to pick up at least one of its shows each year. Last month, Virgin revealed that it lost 46,900 customers in the first […]

Nokia kicks Qualcomm while it’s down

Finnish equipment manufacturer Nokia took the opportunity to put the boot into Qualcomm again on Monday, claiming that the embattled chip firm is infringing Nokia patents in its broadcast media business. US chip vendor Qualcomm is still dealing with the fallout after the International Trade Commission (ITC) banned the import of future 3G handsets using […]

Wireless coalition lobbies for open access

A coalition of industry players, including the founders of Virgin Mobile USA, have petitioned the US regulator to open up a swathe of spectrum to give consumers more choice of wireless services. The Wireless Founders Coalition for Innovation sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), calling for open access rules to a single […]

Coke pops into mobile space

The Coca-Cola brand is set to weigh in on the mobile space with the launch of a mobile social networking site in the US and China. The Sprite Yard, which will be marketed under the “Sprite” brand, has already launched in China and will go live in the US later this month. Members of the […]

MIT demos wireless power

Boffins at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this week demonstrated wireless electricity, or “a vision of the future” as they call it. A team made up of MIT’s Department of Physics, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) was able to light a 60W light bulb from a […]

Voda responds to inefficiency claims

UK mobile operator Vodafone has responded to the proposed shake up of its capital structure by shareholder activist group Efficient Capital Structures (ECS). Not surprisingly, the operator disagrees strongly with the proposals. ECS suggested, in a letter sent Thursday, that the carrier suffers from an “inefficient capital structure”. Further to that, ECS requested that Voda […]

Feds ban Qualcomm chips

US chip shop Qualcomm was struck another blow on Thursday as a US federal agency banned the import of new 3G phone models using chips made by the firm. The ban, set by the International Trade Commission (ITC), came into effect Friday but will only become final after 60 days. During that time, Qualcomm will […]


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