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The Agoraphobic Shopper

Amazon Go takes the people out of everything and with a recent application to bring the technology to the UK we will soon no longer have the ultra-convenience of not talking to the fellow shoppers, but the cashiers too!

NFV is well on course for success

Technology continues to deliver wonders but can be a victim of its own success. Advances that were once considered impossible are achieved frequently and, it would seem to many outside observers, with apparent ease.

Is open the best way forward for the smart home industry?

There is a raging debate about which way the smart home industry should go…. the days of proprietary preference in smart home systems may be numbered as businesses also push for open systems, but is open the best way forward for all players?

Deutsche Telekom and the operator TV opportunity

TV and telecoms are not always an easy fit, with TV having been designed as a one-way broadcast technology and telecoms networks set up to enable direct two-way communication between individuals.

5G in Asia: Seizing the first-mover advantage

Are you ready for 5G? With this new wireless mobile communication technology, consumers have the ability to download an entire movie in seconds, while businesses can deliver a more seamless customer experience.

Powerline – gigabit home networking with

I see powerline succeeding on multiple levels as, irrespective of flavour, it solves problems simply, which is the ideal formula for both marketing and retailing today’s new technology.

Let’s get more women into engineering

Outreach activities at Primary and Secondary schools, female STEM staff support, motivation and networking are the main objectives of the Women in Engineering Societies around the world.

Operators need to get smart to prevent IoT hacks

Mainstream media coverage of the DDoS attack on IPM company Dyn may have waned, but this major security breach will remain at the fore for many operators – and for good reason.

Project Fi: What’s The Really Big Idea?

In the final instalment of this three-part series exploring the disruptive potential of Google’s aggregated MVNO Project Fi, Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser considers the possibility of a radical plan to embed Fi-style functionality into all Android smartphones.

Beam me up Alexa: delivering the Smart home

Just simply acknowledging Alexa first thing in the morning, as you make coffee with, “Alexa, good morning” prompts her to read out facts that have occurred ‘on this day’.

Project Fi: Assistance Is Fruitful

A smartphone which automatically connects to a pool of shared public Wi-Fi networks to augment the experience and reduce cost is valuably and tangibly differentiated.

Charting the route to 5G success

With cost and efficiency in mind, 5G is an opportunity for operators to maximise spectrum resources by mothballing less efficient 2G and 3G networks.


With Amazon and Google launching smart home initiatives, have the telcos missed out on their chance to cash in on this market?

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