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A great operator customer experience needs no explanation

Operators embracing digital transformation are choosing to try and re-invent themselves. They have to. It’s a battle for consumers, mindshare, to maintain relevance and resist ongoing disintermediation from OTT players and much more.

The road to 5G – Where are we headed and when will we get there?

There has been much debate in the industry as to what 5G will actually look like, with almost every company having their own definition of 5G. While we know it will be the glue that connects everything to everyone, how do the companies that are helping to make 5G a reality see it?

The early impact of Roam Like at Home

Has the predicted increase in traffic materialised? Are compensating revenues being detected to make up for increases where they have been felt?

Ten telecoms predictions for 2018

Some of this might happen, but then again it might not. Who do you think we are – Nostradamus? If you think you can do any better then go for it mate – that’s what the comments section is for.

Engaging via a different credit pathway

Extending airtime credit to pre-paid customers has always been seen as something of an emergency service. But the latest thinking sees it instead as a means to a very different end.

5G, security and the attraction of the new

We need to address the challenge of retro-fitting new 5G security to existing 4G networks, and to roll-out more signalling firewalls that can safeguard 2G and 3G networks now.

Connecting Africa: from the Serengeti to the Sahara

It’s not just the continent’s population that presents such a good opportunity for the African telecoms industry, but also, its relative lack of installed infrastructure in both communications and banking.

Connected cars: the platform of the future

These emerging services point the way to a new and incredibly potent upcoming market for service providers – the untapped potential to deliver new services direct to consumer is almost unparalleled in modern society.

The need for an effective packet core in IoT

If IoT is to truly take off and its full capabilities realised, operators must be prepared to maintain enough capacity in the core network, and more importantly, manage the connections to it without creating bottlenecks.


What will be the defining telecoms trend in 2018?

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