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Beam me up Alexa: delivering the Smart home

Just simply acknowledging Alexa first thing in the morning, as you make coffee with, “Alexa, good morning” prompts her to read out facts that have occurred ‘on this day’.

Project Fi: Assistance Is Fruitful

A smartphone which automatically connects to a pool of shared public Wi-Fi networks to augment the experience and reduce cost is valuably and tangibly differentiated.

Charting the route to 5G success

With cost and efficiency in mind, 5G is an opportunity for operators to maximise spectrum resources by mothballing less efficient 2G and 3G networks.

Project Fi: Google’s Mobile Master Plan

For all the soft language, the boundary which is being pushed most effectively by Google’s MVNO is the one which controls the distance between mobile operator and consumer.

Ending the Digital Transformation Paradox

In recent years, the incredible increase in demand for online connectivity, fueled by the mobile internet boom, has created an overwhelming challenge for communication service providers (CSPs), resulting in a market situation we call the “digital transformation paradox.”

NB-IoT: setting the pace in the race to 5G

Supporting the aggressive goals of 5G will require tapping into new licensed bands and exploring new ways to use new and existing unlicensed spectrum bands to meet data demands.

Keeping one step ahead of SMS fraud

A significant percentage of all SMS traffic is now spam or fraud related in some way, with mobile devices being hacked, attacked or exploited in order to send phony promotional messages to or from the unwitting victim’s phone.

Telcos can be challengers too

It would seem long-term strategies and traditional consulting models are dead in the telecommunications sector. However, there is an emergence of traditional players launching new ventures and bringing their services into the digital age.

Are mobile service providers at risk of getting ‘Ubered’?

Whereas a decade ago companies were in the grip of ‘Google fear’, today the bogie men are the platform brands. So much so that the phrase ‘being Ubered’ has become a common short hand for suffering at the hands of disrupters.

‘At-Home’ wireless expectations: how does this impact higher education?

Expectations are set high for wireless connectivity, everywhere, and this filters into every corner of our lifestyles, including into higher education. When the lights go out and there’s “nobody home”, educational institutions can be facing unforgiving students and parents who expect the best from the system they’re paying for.


How have open source groups influenced the development of virtualization in telecoms?

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