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Huawei Leads FlexE-based 50GE Interface Testing to Facilitate Commercial Use of 5G

[Shenzhen, China, September 4, 2017] Huawei announced that its 50GE interface based on Flex Ethernet (FlexE) technology was the first such interface to pass functionality and performance testing organized by the China Mobile Research Institute. Testing results show that the interface is capable of line-rate forwarding at 50 Gb/s with a transmission range of 40 […]

5G-Oriented Technical Innovation and Practice of ZTE

Nothing can stop people’s yearning for the 5G era! The year 2017 is destined to be recorded in the 5G development history. Early in 2017, to accelerate the publication of 5G standards, 3GPP specially divided the R15 standard into two stages to ensure that the 5G air interface technology could be put into commercial use […]

HUAWEI CONNECT 2017: Cloud-and-Network Synergy Creates New Growth Opportunities for Carriers

Today’s ‘ROADS to New Growth’ summit at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017 highlighted the latest progress by telecom carriers in finding new growth areas in the industry. Industry thought leaders, leading carriers, Huawei and its partners, also discussed how cloud and network synergies can help carriers play to their strengths and support the digital transformation of vertical […]

ZTE 5G in Full Swing in Four Fields

2017 is a vital year for 5G development. It has been widely accepted in the industry that 5G will be commercially available in 2020. Accordingly, 5G has developed from the stage of heated discussions on the industry trends into the pre-commercial verification stage, and global 5G industry leaders have launched their first field tests. This […]

Deutsche Telekom: Best-in-class experience

Deutsche Telekom (DT) has the clear ambition to be a leading European telco, with digitalization a key part of its strategy. In 2016, DT increased its revenue by 5.6 percent year-on-year to reach €73.1 billion based on high investment in its networks. DT CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn explained how the German operator is ramping up its […]

China Mobile and Huawei to Accelerate the Development of the Cloud-based CU-Separated BNG Architecture Standard

In the recent Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 99th meeting, China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) and Huawei jointly submitted multiple proposals for a cloud-based CUseparated broadband network gateway (BNG) architecture standard; C stands for the control plane and U the user plane, or forwarding plane. These proposals attracted wide interest from the experts in attendance […]

Fiber networks: Faster payback means Better Connected

Enterprises are going digital, which is opening up a range of opportunities for operators to provide cloud services. However, only optical fiber networks can meet network requirements. What is the best strategy for minimizing costs and maximizing returns? Click here to read more  

Huawei and Omantel will Deploy the First G fast in the Middle East

On July 3rd 2017, Huawei announced that Huawei will jointly deploy the first network in the Middle East with Omantel, a leading operator in Oman, at the ninth Huawei User Group Meeting. Huawei’s E2E solution boosts Omantel to construct ultra-broadband networks efficiently by reusing existing copper lines.  Click here to read more

Huawei and Openreach Test 25G/100G Symmetric PON Prototype Delivering Speeds of up to 100 Gb/s

Huawei and Openreach have tested a 25G/100G symmetric PON prototype to prepare for 5G speeds, as well as manage network demands from ultra-high definition (UHD) video and high-value enterprise leased lines. The technology will enable operators to increase speeds and bandwidth on existing network infrastructure, helping to future-proof their networks. Click here to read more

Five Forces in Commercialization of 5G Push the Rise of Trillion Yuan-Level Industries

Unlike any other industry, the communications industry needs to achieve a consensus on a global scale in order to set up a network that can be interconnected globally. The consensus involves the development of standards and specifications, the planning and use of spectrum frequencies, and the full cooperation of all parties in the industrial chain. […]’s 2017 Global Telecoms Awards Program is Now Open for Submissions, Recognising Telecoms Industry Excellence and Innovation’s 2017 Global Telecoms Awards Program is Now Open for Submissions, Recognising Telecoms Industry Excellence and Innovation Market-leading news portal for the global telecommunications sector today announced the Global Telecoms Awards, the telecom industry’s most prestigious awards program, is open for nominations. Now in its 5th year, the Global Telecoms Awards, or GLOTELS for short, provides a broad […]

Carrier-Grade vBRAS: Key to the Cloud MAN

By Chen Chixin, ZTE Corporation In 2017, the wait-and-see period of NFV of the telecommunications industry comes to an end. NFV is substantively introduced. As the preferred scenario for the NFV transformation of fixed network services, the vBRAS separates the control plane from the forwarding plane to remedy the defects of traditional BRAS equipment, including […]

Intellectual Property – Empowering ZTE’s Growth

As telecommunications carriers across the world prepare to roll out next-generation 5G networks in the next couple of years, the proprietary Pre5G technology developed by ZTE Corporation is helping many mobile users in Asia and Europe who want an immediate performance upgrade, without changing their smartphones, right now. The award-winning Pre5G solution is the culmination […]

The business success of a Spanish MVNO-Simyo Wins ‘Most Innovative MVNO’ award at MVNO World Congress 2017

The business success of a Spanish MVNO – Simyo Wins ‘Most Innovative MVNO’ award at MVNO World Congress 2017 [Nice, France, 26th April, 2017] Simyo, Spain’s’ major MVNO, won ‘Most Innovative MVNO award’ at MVNO World Congress 2017. The ‘Most Innovative MVNO award’ is granted to these virtual operators that they have genuinely introduced innovation in […]

Delivering Superior Customer Experience at Teléfonica Deutschland

A key element in Teléfonica Deutschland Digital Transformation Journey Executive Summary Teléfonica has made customer experience a brand differentiator, with an ambition to grow the Teléfonica and O2 brands by delivering superior customer experiences that subscribers will not find elsewhere. However, despite spending millions on probing systems, the advent of encrypted Over-The-Top (OTT) aps has […]

Make video a success with Fixed Mobile Convergence

The boundaries between TV and mobile media are blurring as consumers increasingly expect ubiquitous video streaming on every device. While traditional Pay-TV operators, normally they own fixed only network, are focused on expanding their presence, operators are feeling the pressure to provide seamless video services for multi-screen and cross fixed mobile network. The evolution from a […]

Huawei Envision Ecosystem Help Operator Succeed in Video Service

Over the past 10 years, countless operators have adopted video as a core service to help improve user stickiness and increase their ARPU. During the same period, the video business has undergone a number of transformations including the migration to HD and now 4K content, the introduction of time shifting features, and most recently the explosion of OTT content […]

ZTE on Its Best Way to 5G

In 2016, ZTE was named as a leader for its 4G LTE solution in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for LTE Network Infrastructure report, its cloud networks were widely recognized in the industry, and its award-winning Pre5G was to go into commercial use. ZTE also kept ahead in its 5G research and tests. With significant improvements in […]


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