CDN World Summit

The CDW 2016 event will cover the latest strategies for content delivery networks, and also discuss various delivery channels for OTT services in multiscreen and live environments in the home and on the go.

Key themes covered in 2016 will include overall video distributionworkflow, network demand of multicast vs unicast, reducing the lag in livestreaming environments, moving from a VoD service to become a TV broadcaster, simplifying the building of infrastructure fortraditional content owners, finding resources and talent to lead theinstallation of CDN caches, last mile video deliveryand the future impact fromusing the mobile network for live TV.

  • Hear from the finest technology leaders on their latest trials for content delivery over IP
  • Find out how to reduce the lag in live streaming environments
  • Discover the consequences and future impact from using the mobile network for live TV
  • Share ideas how to reconfigure the overall video distribution workflow
  • Find the differences in network demand of multicast vs unicast
  • Listen to experiences, latest developments, best practices, tips, and tricks to overcome some of your biggest challenges
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