OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV

2017 is the year NFV starts to move from proof of concept to small-scale rollouts for leading operators in areas such as virtual CPE, EPC and IMS. With virtualization deployment more widespread, the early efforts to manage virtual environments alongside legacy operations are producing results – and challenges. Early movers are grappling with how to operationalize NFV, paving the way for those operators still standing on the sidelines. The pioneers are exploring new service orchestration and assurance approaches which will influence the future of operational systems for years to come. Work to develop orchestration systems (both proprietary and open source) is underway with significant implications for the operational landscape. Operators are talking about the need for a “revolution” in operations, including organizational, process and culture change.

Now In its fourth year, “OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV: Evolution vs Revolution” will continue to build on its successes as the industry’s premier forum for the discussion of the impact of SDN and NFV on network operations and OSS. 

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