Big iPhone news this week

The European iPhone retailers are expected to be revealed on Tuesday, putting an end to months of speculation. will be attending an Apple-hosted press conference in London on Tuesday morning, where it’s expected that O2 will be revealed as the company’s UK partner. Orange is thought to have won the contract for France, while […]

iPhone hacks available

A bunch of hackers, which claim to have developed the first software-based unlocking tool for the Apple iPhone, have finally made their application available – for a price. A coupe of weeks ago, the iPhoneSIMFree group claimed to have built an application that can unlock the iPhone so it can be used on any GSM […]

Jobs says sorry for iPhone price cut

Almost immediately after slashing the price of the 8GB iPhone and discontinuing the 4GB model, Apple boss Steve Jobs has been forced to issue an apology to the hordes of angry fans that paid out $599 to get their hands on the gadget first. Not that they’ll get their money back. Instead, Apple will issue […]

One million iPhones sold

Apple continues to dominate the headlines, with company boss, Steve Jobs, revealing Monday that the 1 millionth iPhone has been sold. The announcement means Apple has reached its 1 million milestone ahead of schedule. In July, Jobs said that the company hoped to sell its 1 millionth iPhone by the end of the third quarter, […]

Apple slashes iPhone prices

In a move that will likely frustrate many of the first wave of buyers for Apples much-hyped iPhone, the vendor has cut the retail price of the 8Gb version of the handset by $200 to $399, and has discontinued the 4Gb model altogether. The price cut can be interpreted in two ways. Either sales have […]

Operators warned on handset deals

Research house Analysys has warned operators to tread carefully as they look to sign a new wave of deals with their handset suppliers. The firm’s statement comes in the wake of unconfirmed press reports that Apple has signed up a clutch of major European operators for distribution of its iPhone¬†– and that these operators have […]

Nokia opens door to services; devices not enough

Finnish vendor Nokia lifted the curtain on a slew of offerings on Wednesday, highlighting the company’s shift towards a more services oriented strategy. At a presentation held in London, chief executive, Olli Pekka Kallasvuo, introduced ‘Ovi’, a gateway to Nokia services suites. Trivia fans note that ‘ovi’ means ‘door’ in Finnish. Evidently going after the […]

iPhone hack confirmed

A US teenager has hacked Apple’s iconic iPhone so that it can be used on another network. The bad news for anyone interested in doing this is that it takes over two hours and requires a soldering iron to be taken to the device. After spending his entire summer break hacking the phone, 17 year […]

Three European ops to get iPhone

Well it looks like most of the recent speculation on European iPhone distributors was correct, with reports coming in that Apple has signed up three different operators in the region. According to a report in the Financial Times Deutschland, O2 in the UK, Orange in France and T-Mobile in Germany, have all agreed contracts with […]

Nokia tuning up music service

It looks increasingly like Nokia may be taking more steps into the content market and if rumours are correct, attempting to take on Apple’s iTunes service. The rumour mill evidently got going when invites began dropping into the mailboxes of the telecoms media. Nokia is throwing a launch party on August 29, the night is […]

iPhone to thumb wrestle with Nintendo DS?

As the news slows down for what is supposed be the summer ‘silly season’, the industry rumour mill seems to be speeding up. This time round, Apple is supposedly prepping its iPhone to be a portable gaming machine, wading into a market already dominated by the likes of Nintendo and, to a lesser degree, Sony. […]

Apple releases first iPhone update

One month after launch, Apple has wheeled out its first update for the iPhone, primarily designed to rectify a number of security bugs in the Safari web browser. During the first month of launch, the iPhone has been dogged by security concerns after it emerged that there were a number of ways an iPhone could […]

Apple to shift 1 mil. iPhones in three months

Apple front man, Steve Jobs, said that the company hopes to sell its one millionth iPhone by the end of the third quarter, taking it to one tenth of its goal. Jobs made the projection on Wednesday, during the company’s financial results presentation for the quarter to end June 30. Figures were typically healthy – […]

Apple unveils iPhone service plans

We almost made it to the end of a working day without a sniff of a new iPhone story on Tuesday, and then Apple announced the service plans for the device. In keeping with Apple’s tactic of drip feeding new information as the final days to release tick down, revealing how much the device will […]

YouTube readies for iPhone landing

YouTube will be available on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone from launch, the Californian company said on Wednesday. The Google-owned user generate content firm also revealed it has been encoding its clips into a new format in an attempt to improve quality and preserve battery life when viewed over wireless devices. YouTube is using the advanced H.264 […]

Apple upgrades iPhone already

Just over a week to go until the most hyped device of 2007 hits the shops and Apple has decided to sneak in a last minute upgrade to the iPhone. On Monday, the Californian company revealed that it has squeezed another three hours of talk time out of the battery, taking it up to eight […]

Handset market a lottery

Thirteen days to go until the Apple iPhone finally hits shelves in the US and still the hype machine is finding higher gears to shift into. But with so many questions still unanswered the only thing we can count on is that the arrival of the iPhone will change the face of the entire telecoms […]

iPhone to run third party web apps

Apple CEO Steve Jobs almost made a U turn on his decision to lock developers out of the iPhone on Monday, announcing that third parties would be able to make web-based apps for the device. According to an announcement made by Jobs, developers will be able to create Web 2.0 applications “which look and behave […]

iPhone will be locked to partner networks

Apple has dashed the hopes of consumers everywhere planning to pick up an iPhone without signing up for an AT&T subscription. A revelation by Charles Dunstone, chief executive of UK retailer the Carphone Warehouse, shows that Apple’s reach extends far beyond the handset and deep into the network itself. During Carphone’s results announcement Wednesday, Dunstone […]

iPhone to land June 29

A series of adverts that aired on US TV on Sunday night revealed that the long awaited Apple iPhone is due to be released on June 29. The ads showed off some of the gadget’s features, such as web surfing, email and video and promised that the device would only be available on the new […]


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