Apple kills Palm Pre iTunes sync

Apple has struck a blow against Palm and its flagship Pre device, which some have heralded as stiff competition to the iPhone, by removing the Pre’s ability to masquerade as an iPod.

App store wars: Who owns the customer?

As the impact of Apple’s iPhone resonates around the mobile industry, operators and device makers are all running to raise the bar on their own smartphones and services, hoping to catch the wave of higher revenues and customer loyalty, by Kate Bulkley.

iPhone 3GS costs carriers more to offer

The entry level version of Apple’s new baby, the iPhone 3GS 16GB, costs slightly more to manufacture than the original model, despite an almost identical design, yet retails for the same price at $199.

iPhone 3.0 software hits handsets

Apple will make version 3.0 of its iPhone software available to download later on Wednesday, finally giving iPhone owners access to such cutting edge functionality as MMS and copy and paste.

iPhone 3G S – the “S” stands for “speed”

Californian purveyor of cool gadgets, Apple, delivered the goods at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday, lifting the curtain on yet another iPhone model – the 3G S.

Telefonica to charge extra for iPhone tethering; AT&T kills it

At the unveiling of the latest iPhone hardware and software at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco Monday, one of the most hotly anticipated new features was tethering. But many users are likely to be disappointed by the carriers’ reaction to functionality that allows the iPhone to be used as a 3G modem.

Smartphones sales buck credit crunch trend

Throughout 2009, smartphones are expected to buck the downward trend that has beset the rest of the handset market as the majority of consumers cut spending in the face of the global economic downturn.

O2 left out of UK N97 launch

Telefonica’s British operation O2 will be the only carrier not to offer Nokia’s new flagship the N97 when it launches in the UK on June 19th. While the Carphone Warehouse will be selling the handset with contracts to O2’s network, the N97 will not be available in O2’s stores, or from its online shop.

Apple takes 12% of mobile apps market

Application store trailblazer Apple managed to capture 12 per cent of the mobile apps market in 2008, according to figures released this week.

Mobile data delivering a quarter of revenues

Global revenues from mobile data services increased 24 per cent year on year in 2008, delivering around 15 per cent of all revenues generated by mobile operators worldwide.

Microsoft to ban mobile VoIP in app store

As the app store wars rage on, web giant Microsoft has drawn its line in the sand, releasing a list of what it will and won’t allow Windows mobile applications sold in the store to do.

Apple App Store downloads top 1 billion

Purveyor of cool gadgets, Apple, continues to blaze a trail with its App Store, announcing that consumers have downloaded one billion applications since its launch in August 2008.

Operator-run app stores risk fragmentation

Carriers risk creating more fragmentation in the mobile application space if they seek to replicate the app store model pioneered by Apple that is causing such a stir in the industry at present.

Amazon, Apple in music price war

Online music giants Apple and Amazon are duking it out in an MP3 price war, which looks likely to spill over into the mobile space.

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